MIS Case Competition Winning Teams Announced

Competitors from the University of Connecticut’s First Annual MIS Case Competition were awarded for their participation and the top three teams were announced at an Awards Luncheon on Friday, October 7th.

Professor Jon Moore, the coordinator of the case competition, spoke about the success of the event and acknowledged the great efforts of all the teams that participated. He said that the Operations and Information Management Department (OPIM) was very impressed with the outcome of the events and that they plan to hold an MIS Case Competition annually.

The ROI’s – Spencer Rabin (not in photo), Conor O’Donnell, Edgar Ortiz, and Tyler Jackson – were the top team in the competition. The ROI’s were experienced in case competitions, having won a marketing competition in the Spring. The team created an innovative and technology-focused solution that was different from any other teams, placing them first.


Ideas R Us – Viara Radoulova (not in photo),Vivek Tedla,  Zachary Regan, and Tyler Lauretti – came in second place.


For third place, there was a dead tie in the scoring. Professor Moore said that instead of going through a tie breaking procedure that the OPIM Department wanted to award both teams for their accomplishments.

The third place teams were the Dynamic Dude(ttes) – Sidney Tomko (not in photo),Radhika Kanaskar,  Ani Vedere, and Hanna Bonitz – and the TsunaMIS – Belma Pehratovic (not in photo), Daniel Settle, Bradley Tice,  and Tian-Shi Xu.


One of the judges and a professor in the OPIM Department, Satvinder Mayall complimented all of the teams on their great work. He said he was very impressed with the presentations that all of the teams gave and the solutions that they came up with.

All of the teams that competed were invited to the luncheon and awarded a respective certificate or plaque based on their placement in the competition, along with a gift bag filled with MIS gear.

Professor Moore said that the competition was extremely successful as a whole. He said that he looks forward to continuing this success in the years to come.


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