PwC Case Competition


Professor Jon Moore of the Operations and Information Management (OPIM) Department and his team of five students won the PwC Case Competition that took place on October 14th.

After being selected to participate, Moore’s team, Cook the Books were given an accounting-based business case on September 30th. They had two weeks to come up with an action plan and present it to the PwC Executive Panel. The case focused on analyzing and implementing sustainable business practices regarding environmental concerns.


Each team was given a faculty mentor and a PwC mentor from the University of Connecticut School of Business. Moore was Cook the Books’ faculty mentor and Danielle Feldman their PwC mentor.

Although the focus of this competition was in Accounting, Moore said that PwC started incorporating the OPIM Department last year. He said that as a company, PwC is moving toward data and information technology consulting space. This year, four Management Information Systems (MIS) students participated in the competition, in comparison to the one student that competed last year, Moore said.

The OPIM Department was represented on Professor Moore’s team by Kayla Chalmers, a Management Information Systems (MIS) major. In addition to Kayla, Cook the Books was composed of three accounting majors, Dan Albano, Alex Xu and Madison Begley, and a business undecided student, Marissa Repole.

Following the presentations, the top team, Cook the Books, was announced at an awards luncheon. Each student on the team was awarded $250.

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