5th Annual UConn BBQ with Cigna

Monday October 16th Cigna will be hosting their 5th annual BBQ Recruiting event. The event is scheduled to take place from 2-6pm on Fairfield Way, with a rain date of Wednesday, October 18th.

Cigna will be recruiting for their TECDP program, a rotational program where interns and full-time employees are able to try different roles within IT, network with peers and executive leaders, and have flexible time to dedicate to different TECDP committees. CS, CSE, MIS, and DMD majors, as well as anyone interested in a career in technology, are all encouraged to attend the event and apply for this opportunity with Cigna.

Cigna TECDP employees are also looking for volunteers to collaborate with for a philanthropy event with Foundation for Hospital Art. Volunteers will help paint murals that will be donated to hospitals. Artistic talent is not necessary in order to participate as these murals are similar to a large coloring books! If you are interested in volunteering contact Jon Moore at jonathan.a.moore@uconn.edu