Christopher Calaci Student Spotlight

Christopher Calaci, a sophomore Management and Informations Systems (MIS) student, has many accomplishments to be proud of from his short time at the University of Connecticut. Originally a finance major, Calaci realized his passion for Information Technology (IT) after attending the Operations and Information Management (OPIM) Department workshops and information sessions. Since changing his major from finance to MIS, Calaci has been elected the Vice President of the Information Management Association (IMA). Calaci originally became involved with IMA to make connections with employers and peers, but since then has become an advocate for IMA. “I want people to realize that getting into IT or learning about it isn’t hard. It may be something that is unfamiliar at first but it is a great subject to get involved in.” Getting more students involved in IT and IMA is one of his goals as Vice President, helping to break down the stereotype behind information technology.

In addition to IMA, Calaci is a member of the Business Connections Learning Community (BCLC), mentors freshmen through UConn’s First Year Experience (FYE) program, and works in the IT Department in the School of Business. The BCLC provides students with a place to live, learn, and connect with each other, helping students grow both inside and outside of the classroom. It was through the BCLC that Calaci was introduced to the FYE course that he would later teach. It was here that he encouraged students to “take time out of your day to learn something you may not be learning in the classroom. Just because you’re not taking business classes now doesn’t mean you have to wait to start learning.” These are words he tries to live by, by pursuing his passions outside of the classroom. Last winter break, with the help of the internet, Christopher built a computer and described it as “adult legos.” This determined and dedicated attitude is what helped him land his position in the IT Department at the School of Business. Here he works at the helpdesk, assisting students with their technological needs.

Although Calaci is currently focusing on his academics and securing an internship for this summer, he is most interested in pursuing a career in project management, specifically in software development, or cyber security. Because Calaci is still early in his business education career, he is mostly taking general education courses which has helped push him to learn and try new things, such as philosophy and social ethics. This class taught him how to discuss and form opinions on prominent ethical issues. He is planning on using this class to help him in his future and his career, specifically if he goes into cyber security because of the controversy over privacy issues. He would ideally want to work at a large company that gives him the opportunity to grow and explore as a professional and then look to downsize once he has found his passion.

With his remaining two years at UConn, Calaci is hoping to quench his thirst for knowledge with a variety of OPIM courses and adding a minor that will be both beneficial and enjoyable. Although he may not know where his future will take him, UConn has encouraged him to get involved involved and meet people with similar interests. “Interacting with all of these people has helped me realize what and who I want to be as a person, and the longer I am here the more I learn about myself and what I want to do.”



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