John Hauselt Student Spotlight

John Hauselt, a sophomore pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) with a minor in Computer Science, has been interested in Information Technology since he was in high school. As a proactive student he decided to begin his job search as a junior in high school, looking for jobs in IT to fill his free time. He was able to land a position as an intern in the IT Department at Masonicare, a hospital and rehabilitation center. Here Hauselt was able to get introductory level experience on how the IT world works, and was exposed to cyber security. Masonicare uses a program called Honeypot which “generates fake information to analyze how people are trying to hack the network and traces incoming IPs.” It was this exposure, in addition to his later work experience, that pushed him to work in cyber security.

Working at Masonicare opened the doors to IT positions Hauselt was eligible to apply for. His next job was in the IT Department in the Wallingford public school system. Most of the work involved solving basic computer issues, but the work was independent which gave him the ability to work through issues on his own. He now works at the IT Department in the School of Business and really enjoys the diversity of work he is exposed to. “People always ask me what I do, but what I really enjoy is that everyday I do something different. So I’ll tell people today I did something as simple as blocking pop ups but tomorrow could be something like downloading software, coding, or something totally different.”

This job, and the ability to be a student worker, is perhaps the most helpful aspect of preparing for his career. His job has given him helpful connections such as other students who are able and willing to help him with school and connecting him with future employers.

While fulfilling his goals of doing well in school and securing a job after graduation, Hauselt is the Secretary of the Information Management Association (IMA) and involved in the Business Connections Learning Community (BCLC). The BCLC provides students with a place to live, learn, and connect with each other, helping students grow both inside and outside of the classroom. “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and get involved,” Hauselt advises younger students. IMA is a great way to make connections with employers and peers. He was amazed to see that employers who would attend meetings were actively engaged and cared about the students they were talking to.