EY is Hiring! Advisory Consultant Program

Attention all management information systems seniors! EY is currently looking for a full-time employee for their Risk Advisor Program. The Risk Advisor Program is a 2-3 year development program that helps budding professionals develop necessary risk-consulting skills by providing participants with career coaching and real-world experience. In risk advising, EY strives to help its clients evaluate a number of risks, including those dealing with operations and information technology. As a result, participants in the Risk Advisor Program will be assisting businesses in establishing and maintaining a relatively risk-free environment. These businesses come from a variety of industries, such as the automotive, entertainment, and information technology industries.

As part of the Risk Advisor Program, participants are expected to develop an understanding of their clients’ risks and needs throughout the consulting process. In addition, participants are expected to better themselves by keeping up with current business and industry trends and self-evaluating their performance.

To qualify for the Risk Advisory Program, you must have:

  • a bachelor’s degree in management information systems (finance, accounting, management, and computer science degrees also work)
  • a desire to work in advisory and audit
  • the willingness to travel
  • the willingness to work over standard hours when necessary
  • skill in Microsoft Office
  • the ability to work independently
  • project management, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills
  • time management skills and the ability to meet deadlines under pressure

If interested, please email your resume to Jon Moore at jonathan.a.moore@uconn.edu.

Thank you!