Needed! Website Designer/Developer

A UConn student, Erdit Abedini, needs a website developed for his nonprofit organization, the Hartford Sports Foundation. The Foundation is geared towards helping high school students develop teamwork and communication skills through inclusive and accessible sports programs. He is looking for a UConn student skilled in website design/development to build the site for him and maintain it from April 2019 to September 2019. As his deadline for the completion of this website is April 6th, ample experience in website design/development is required. He is willing to pay $250 for the website and a monthly compensation of $30 for maintenance. If the website is completed by April 1st, he is willing to pay $350.

Here is a list of what Erdit is expecting for his website:

  • a homepage with the organization’s name and logo, a background picture, and social media icons
  • an “About Us” page which describes the organization’s inception
  • an “Our Team” page with staff member biographies and photos
  • an “Our Mission” page with the mission statement of the organization
  • a registration page where an application form can be filled out and submitted online, along with an automatic payment button
  • a “Become A Member” donation page with an emphasis on professionality and accessibility
  • other pages if needed

For more information on this project, please reach out to Erdit via his email: