Attention! Scholarships Available!

Werth Innovator Scholarship Program (for 2019-2020 Sophomores):

The Werth Innovator Scholarship Program helps young entrepreneurs propel their ideas forward with financial assistance, mentorship, and transformative experiences. Currently, they are accepting applications from freshmen who have already begun transforming their innovative ideas into reality.

The Werth Innovator Scholarship Program provides students with a $3,000 scholarship and the honor of becoming an ambassador for various entrepreneurship activities during their sophomore year. As there will be more than one recipient, each Werth Innovator will be part of a supportive peer group; thus, all members will be able to collaborate with each other to make their individual ideas stronger.

To apply to become a Werth Innovator, please click here. Please note that applications close on Friday, April 12th and that an interview process may occur.