Mark Your Calendars: Hanover Image Analytics Challenge Kick-off

Ready to take your analytical skills to the next level? Hanover Insurance will be sponsoring an Image Analytics Challenge, open to all UConn students, on November 20th. To prepare, students will be required to create an interdisciplinary team of four and attend as many workshops and mentoring sessions as possible.

For those interested in having the Challenge count for academic credit, there is a 1-credit OPIM 4895 elective available. To participate in the class, students have to attend the workshops and present their case. For students outside the elective, participating in the competition automatically earns them a $100 scholarship. All teams have the chance of earning up to $500 dollars per person and may be offered an on-campus internship from Hanover Insurance.

For more information on the Hanover Image Analytics Challenge, please attend the Challenge Kick-off on September 18th from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM in the Homer Babbidge Library, Room 2119A or visit the Challenge homepage.