Mark Your Calendars : Eisenhower Series Coming to UConn!

Are you interested in Empowering Innovation in the Department of Defense? Eisenhower series is coming to Uconn! The Eisenhower Series College Program is a fifty-year-old outreach effort run by the Army War College offered to university and community groups around the nation. Each year, selected service members travel nationwide to strengthen connections between the American Military and the society it serves. 


Event Type: Panelist Discussion 

Date & Time:  1/31/20 from 4 – 5:30 PM 

Location:  Dodd Konover Auditorium



Senior military and policy representatives will speak on current topics followed by an informal Q&A. The objective of the program is to provide a broad and unique series of fora to discuss and debate contemporary and future national security issues. Both the officers and the public benefit from an open, honest and frank exchange on significant issues of national and international concern. 


Discussion Topics:

  • Empowering Innovation in the Department of Defense
  •  U.S. Role in Managing Climate Change 
  • The Future of Strategic Intelligence
  • The Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence