Month: May 2019

Nalas Engineering Is Hiring! Summer 2019 IT Internship

Nalas Engineering, a chemical engineering company, is currently searching for a team-oriented and hard working information technology (IT) intern for Summer 2019. The intern will be assisting Nalas with various IT needs, such as preparing and maintaining IT equipment (computers, printers, tablets, etc.), resolving networking issues, and providing one-on-one IT assistance and training to staff.

In order to qualify for this position, the applicant must be either a computer science, information technology, or management information systems major with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (junior or senior standing is preferred). In addition, experience with Windows operating systems, Windows Active Directory, Windows Group Policy, routers, firewalls, and networking protocols such as TCP/IP are required.

Interested in this position? Please contact for more information.



Lockheed Martin is Hiring! Full-Time Industrial Engineer Position

Lockheed Martin is currently looking for a new industrial engineer for their Rotary and Mission Systems business segment. The hiree will be responsible for improving efficiencies in the plant, as well as monitoring and controlling inventory, production costs, and business information systems.

Candidates will have a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering or in a related field such as management information systems or management and engineering for manufacturing. In addition, skills in data mining, Microsoft Office, and SQL are preferred.

To apply for this position, please click here.

Girls For Tech Stops By The Innovate Lab

On Saturday, April 27th, Girls for Technology, an after-school program based in Hartford, CT that offers girls in minority and underprivileged communities access to emerging technologies, stopped by the Innovate Lab with students in their augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) program. There, these young girls were able to utilize virtual reality headsets, drones, augmented reality tools, and wearable technologies to spur their interest in STEM fields. With the insights of Innovate lab specialists, students were even given advice and information on how VR/AR can be used in a commercial setting.

The Girls for Technology AR/VR program ended its most recent cycle with their trip to the Innovate Lab. After the three-hour program set up by Innovate director Jon Moore and participating student lab specialists, many student workers left with a feeling of fulfillment. “I had a very fun time walking students through how to use the technologies we provide at Innovate,” said Joanne Cheong (MIS ’20), “I also felt like a made a difference by giving these young girls career advice and encouraging them to explore how to use these technologies in positive and profitable ways.”  Alexander Zevin (Computer Science & Finance ’21) followed by saying, “I thought it was very important to show these young girls not to be intimidated by the learning curve associated with certain technologies.”

We thank Girls for Technology for visiting Innovate and hope we helped inspire your young students!


Innovate Lab Specialist Runs 3D Printing Workshop

On Friday, April 26th, OPIM Innovate hosted its 3D Printing Workshop. There, lab specialist Eli Udler walked students through the 3D printing process with Tinkercad, an open-source computer-aided design platform. After a brief walkthrough on how to use the online tool, students were then given free rein to pursue and build any of the step-by-step projects provided by the Tinkercad support team. For those students who were beginners or still intimidated by the software, Udler recommended the pennywhistle tutorial. As students worked independently, Udler remained attentive and answered any and all questions as they were asked.

After the workshop, many students left with a better understanding of 3D printing and computer-aided design. However, what made students feel the most fulfilled were the unlimited possibilities of 3D design and the Tinkercad platform. “With all of the tools and shapes we could use, I found it really enjoyable to just see what I could make,” said Neel Chakravarti (Environmental Engineering ’22). This was also the case for animal science major Rafael Samaniego (’20). “It was fun to turn each building block into something more complex,” he said.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the 3D Printing Workshop! Innovate would also like to thank Eli Udler for his participation as a workshop instructor in our workshop series!