Month: March 2021

Join the Global Scaling Challenge – UNM

Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico invites schools, faculty/mentors, and students to participate in the Global Scaling Challenge.  The Challenge is a “live” and “real” case challenge experience for your students where the students present to as many as three firms over three days (April 22nd – 24th) via an internet meeting technique. Please utilize the web link attached where you can find the more information and our student team application portal. (

The Challenge offers participating teams and mentors a unique opportunity to The Challenge offers participating teams and mentors a unique opportunity to understand and solve complex scaling needs and challenges of firms operating in a highly diverse environment. Any team can consist of up to 4 students from any educational level (bachelors, masters, or Ph.D.’s or any mix thereof) to compete in our inaugural “Global Scaling Challenge.”

This year three firms that are addressing 21st century biological challenges have been chosen. Your team or teams will be provided three types of information two weeks before the start of the competition. The information will include: a video of the firms’ value proposition; Boston Analytics artificial intelligence-based workup focusing on potential firm customers, investors and acquirers; and all written material provided by the firms. The teams will be required to provide a 10-minute presentation live on the day of the competition to a judging panel and the subject firm. There will then be a 10-minute question and answer period. All presentations and materials from the teams will be submitted to the Global Scaling Challenge Committee. The Challenge is a three-round competition focused on three different firms. For priority consideration teams should apply before April 7th. The Challenge will be held from April 22nd to April 24th.

Unlike other case competitions, student presentations will be made of and to “real” firms in a “live” setting. The Challenge features over $5,000 in awards and recognition for participating teams!

Please see the web link attached where you can find the more information and our application portal. (

Thank You

The Global Scaling Challenge Committee

Dr. Raj Mahto, Dr. Yorgos Marinakis and Dr. Steven Walsh

KEYENCE is currently offering both full-time and internship role

My name is Sam Micinilio and I am a brand ambassador for KEYENCE Corporation. We are a global technology company that specializes in robotics and factory automation tools to enhance the safety and efficiency in manufacturing settings. Our products are used in manufacturing settings to carve brand logos and other designs into products for companies such as YETI and JUUL. We have been ranked in the top 100 Most Innovative Companies List by Forbes for 9 consecutive years. Check out this video to find out what we’re all about:


KEYENCE is currently offering both full-time and internship roles. Please reach out to me if you are interested in hearing more about the company, how we recruit, benefits of working with us (Pay Structure).


The internship is 5 weeks long in Chicago at headquarters. It is paid $15/hr and the company covers housing, gives you a rental car, and pays for your flights to/from Chicago. It’s mainly going to be inside sales engineering work, market research, and learning about the technology. You would be working with a team of interns to help out the full time sales reps and other people working for the company. Additionally, you would be doing some job shadowing for higher-ups or working with other full time staff. 


The full-time role is focused on outside, business to business selling and is territory based. This means that you could chose from tons of territories all across the US for where you would want to work. We have tons of openings in big cities like Boston, NYC, LA, Philadelphia, and many more. The job role is more problem solving/consultative selling, meaning that you will be able to help other businesses solve some problems that they have been facing by selling in KEYENCE’s products. 


The pay structure for the full-time role is base pay + variable compensation. Base pay is between $50K and $72K depending on where your home office is located. Additionally, on average, all employees are paid an additional $22K per year from bonuses. This is much higher than the national average annual salary ($44,727). 



When you apply, make sure you select my initials (SM) under the tab that says “How did you hear about KEYENCE?”