Month: January 2017

Student Spotlight – Alex Martinez (IMA Secretary)

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As the Secretary of the Information Management Association (IMA), Alex Martinez is dedicated to maintaining communications with members, make sure the organization’s calendars are up-to-date, taking attendance at meetings and recording meeting minutes.

Alex, a junior majoring in Management Information Systems (MIS), said his involvement with IMA began two years ago when he attended the Operations and Information Management (OPIM) Department’s technology workshops on 3D printing, Raspberry Pi and Linux.

Alex said that as he progressed in his academic career, he began to see more of the benefits that IMA provided – building key career skills and making connections in the information technology field.

The following year, Alex said he began to attend more of IMA’s events and meetings to get acquainted with his career plans, OPIM classes and IT tools. This year, Alex became even more involved with IMA by holding the position of Secretary, through which he hopes to build upon his leadership and organizational skills. He said that becoming more involved in IMA will allow him to gain relevant knowledge in the MIS field and help other students to do so, as well.

This semester, Alex said his main goal for IMA is to enhance the membership experience.

“One of my main goals for IMA this semester is to help facilitate an active, productive, and fun experience for our members, and hopefully get them even more interested and aware of where their major can take them after UConn,” Alex said.

For students interested in joining IMA, Alex said not to be shy. As a shy individual himself, Alex said he hesitated to get involved on campus at first.

“I can say from my own experience that pushing yourself to join an organization you’re interested in is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your education,” Alex said.

On a personal level, Alex wants to gain a better understanding of common information technology tools to maximize his experience while interning at Travelers this upcoming summer. He said that IMA has and continues to help him meet these goals through understanding many important tools used in the IT field. Ultimately, Alex said he would like to work at a technology firm, helping design and implement key pieces of the firm’s business.

OPIM Workshops for the Spring 2017 Semester

The OPIM Department is excited to announce the schedule for this semester’s technology workshops. The first in a series of skill-building workshops will be held next week, followed by three others over the course of the semester.

All workshops will be held in the OPIM Research Lab (BUSN 391). Food and refreshments will be provided for participants.

Over the course of the spring semester we plan to have the following workshops:

  • Introduction to Linux – Friday, February 10th
  • Introduction to SQL – Friday, February 24th
  • Introduction to SAS  Friday, March 24th
  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi – Friday, April 7th
  • Introduction to Gamification – Friday, April 14th
  • Exploring IOT through SPLUNK Analytics – Friday, April 21st

All workshops will be capped at 20 people so be sure to register online ahead of time.

Faculty Spotlight – Shun-Yang Lee


Outside of technology, UConn Operations and Information Management (OPIM) assistant professor, Shun-Yang Lee enjoys playing the piano and exploring the outdoors. He recently began teaching at UConn in August 2016.

Lee teaches two different courses at UConn, Business Information Systems (OPIM 3103) at the undergraduate level and Predictive Modeling (OPIM 5604) at the graduate level taught in the GBLC (Graduate Business Learning Center) in downtown Hartford.

When asked why he went into teaching, Lee said he enjoys learning new things. He loves working with students because he is constantly learning from them. He knows that information technology is extremely important.

“Being in academia, particularly in the information systems field,  you are constantly learning new technologies and figuring out how things work, which I enjoy very much,” Lee said.

Information technology is so important because it is constantly changing, he said. He enjoys introducing students to different types of technologies and he finds it empowering and humbling to know that his students’ careers will benefit greatly from this knowledge, he said.

Lee’s motivation in research are the times where there is no clear solution to a business problem or technology. He said that going out, conducting research and exploring on his own to understand these complex problems is much more exciting than when there is a present and clear solution.

Lee’s current research is focused on the interactions between humans and information systems. He said that he is specifically interested in how people use and react to technology. Lee wants to know whether technology helps or inhibits people’s decision making.

“I am interested in understanding how users utilize and react to technology – do they make decisions more efficiently and more effectively? Or does the design of technology somehow mislead people into making biased decisions?” Lee said.

This topic of technology research is extremely important because Lee believes that better understanding how people use and are affected by technology will ultimately lead to more effective design in the future.

Lee shared some information about one of his current projects on how the politeness level of answers on question answering platforms affects user’s perception of answer quality. He takes a look at sites, such as Quora, Stack Overflow and Yahoo! Answers. What he has found so far in his preliminary research suggests that question askers prefer polite to impolite answers, which is an example of how technology users might make biased decisions, he said.

Management Information Systems (MIS) students are extremely valuable assets to businesses in a time where technology is such an integral part of daily life, Lee said. MIS students have the unique ability to bridge the gap between technology and business. Lee encourages interested students to pursue the MIS major, most importantly, because he said technology is fascinating and MIS is fun!

Stop by the MIS Meet and Greet

Are you interested in the Management Information Systems (MIS) major or just want to learn more about the different options available in UConn’s School of Business? Stop by the MIS Meet and Greet to talk about the MIS major and the departments requirements.

The event is being held on Thursday, February 9th in the Business School lounge from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

All are welcome and feel free to bring your friends. Food will be provided for attendees.

IMA Involvement Fair


The Information Management Association (IMA) kicked off the semester at UConn’s Involvement Fair on Wednesday, January 25th.

Twenty five students showed interest in the organization, leaving their contact information. Jenny Tang, the vice president of IMA, said she was pleased with the turnout at the involvement fair, especially being that it is the second semester when clubs tend to see less new interests in comparison to the fall.

IMA’s faculty advisor, Jon Moore was optimistic about the turn out and is looking forward to the addition of new members this semester. One of the organization’s goals for the semester is to drive interest in the organization, increase attendance at events and organize more events and workshops for members.

Additionally, interested individuals can sign up on this web form for updates about becoming a member of IMA. Membership is open to students of any major or grade level, though it focuses on preparing students for a career in the information technology field through networking and professional development workshops.

EY job and internship opportunities for UConn students

EY’s Risk Advisory Practice out of Stamford, Conn. is hiring UConn students for one internship and one staff position. Students with a background in accounting, information systems, computer science, finance or management are encouraged to apply. Members of the risk team will work with clients to improve their businesses through establishing and maintaining effective risk and control environment.

For more information about these opportunities and how to apply, check out the postings on HuskyCareerLink.

Aetna is hiring MIS students

Aetna is now hiring UConn MIS students for a full-time positions starting in May 2017. The positions available are focused on Computer Engineering and Telecommunication technology.

Aetna is looking for individuals with knowledge of technology and telecommunications. The position is highly teamwork oriented and it involves complex problem solving.

You can find the job posting with more information about the position and how to apply on Husky Career Link

Interviews are being conducted at the present time for these opportunities.

Unique opportunity to teach

Splash at Yale is seeking UConn Management Information Systems (MIS) students to teach a class to middle and high school students.

The Splash program brings middle and high school students from all over the country to Yale’s campus in New Haven for a day to take exciting and engaging classes, taught by college students.

These one-hour classes about any topic you think students will find interesting. Some examples of previous class topics are the science of baking, Pokemon Go!, organic chemistry, engineering a race car, etc. You can view a full list of last Fall’s class catalog here. Splash will be providing materials for you to use when teaching your class.

The program will take place this Spring on April 8th. Splash will be providing transportation to Yale for the day if there is enough interest from UConn students.

Interested students should email Jonathan Moore,  by Friday, January 27th with the topic they would like to teach.

On-campus MIS-related student jobs available

The Computer Center & Information Technology Services (UITS) is now hiring students with a strong background in computer systems and information technology. UITS is hoping to find two students to fill these positions, one with a focus on Windows software and the other with a focus on Linux.

This is a great opportunity for those with the aforementioned skills to gain valuable real-world work experience in the information technology field right here on campus.

The two available positions are listed as “Class III – Student IT Systems/ Network Specialist – 320” on UConn’s Student Employment website.

Links to these positions are provided below:

Student Spotlight – Zachary Regan (IMA Treasurer)

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAgpAAAAJDBmZTc1YTU1LTdhMjctNGZmYS04NDEwLWMxYWRjYmQ2MzUzMAWith the start of a new year, so begins Zach Regan’s new job of IMA Treasurer. As a junior Management Information Systems (MIS) major, this is Zach’s first position in IMA. He began his involvement with the organization at the beginning of his sophomore year.

As an MIS major, Zach said he joined IMA as a way to get involved, for career development and to meet other students in his major. After his first year in IMA, Zach decided to run for a position because he said he wanted to get more involved with the inner workings of the organization.

Zach said that in addition to information technology, he is interested in finance and accounting, which is what intrigued him about the treasurer position. Additionally, Zach said he thought it would be beneficial for him to gain financial experience to make himself more well-versed in the different areas of business.

As the new treasurer, Zach hopes to drive interest in IMA amongst students and ultimately raise attendance at meetings. For his position in particular, he hopes to seek more funding so the club can put on more events and workshops for members.

As for Zach’s personal future goals, he is interested in pursuing a career in Information Security. He said an internship he had last summer in Information Security at 1-800-FLOWERS really sparked his interest in the field.

“It’s something that’s always changing and very interesting to me, I love reading the articles when companies get hacked and I want to see what I can do to improve in that field, to see what I can do to help,” Zach said.

Zach said that IMA has allowed him to see the different career opportunities available in his major and to network with different companies throughout his time in college. He said that having face-to-face time with professional recruiters through IMA events has given him practice with informal interviews.

One of Zach’s goals for the year is to grow the organization through additional members and resources. Zach encourages students to join IMA because he believes it guides you in your career, gives you exposure to all of the different opportunities available and gives you the tools for successful a career development.