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Nalas Engineering Is Hiring! Summer 2019 IT Internship

Nalas Engineering, a chemical engineering company, is currently searching for a team-oriented and hard working information technology (IT) intern for Summer 2019. The intern will be assisting Nalas with various IT needs, such as preparing and maintaining IT equipment (computers, printers, tablets, etc.), resolving networking issues, and providing one-on-one IT assistance and training to staff.

In order to qualify for this position, the applicant must be either a computer science, information technology, or management information systems major with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (junior or senior standing is preferred). In addition, experience with Windows operating systems, Windows Active Directory, Windows Group Policy, routers, firewalls, and networking protocols such as TCP/IP are required.

Interested in this position? Please contact for more information.



A Reflection: OPIM Innovate Drones in Action Workshop

On Friday, April 19th, OPIM Innovate invited Jason Otrin, entrepreneur and founder of On Course Drones, to host its Drones in Action Workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to teach students about the multipurpose benefits of drone technology and the Remote Pilot Certification process. In addition to this, Otrin spoke about why he decided to start his On Course Drones initiative and the entrepreneurial challenges he faced to get there. Overall, the workshop was an insightful look into how a recreational pastime and personal interest can become a successful commercial endeavor.

After enlisting in the Connecticut Army National Guard in 1990 and serving in aviation maintenance, Otrin enrolled in the UConn Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program. In 1995, he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and was commissioned as an intelligence officer in the US Army. He was always very interested in aviation and, based on his service with helicopters in the National Guard and exposure to military aviation, earned his private pilot license while serving on active duty. After departing from the army in 2000, he worked for 17 years in information technology (IT) services until he realized, from helping his wife with her own start-up ventures, that he wanted to open his own business. That was when he found UConn’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans, which helped him apply his acquired entrepreneurial acumen to his first business plan.

“My intention was to start an IT training company,” said Otrin while reminiscing about his business prototyping days. “But, deep down, it wasn’t really what I wanted. One of my mentors helped me realize that. After working on a 45-page business plan for 4 months, she said to me, ‘You know what, I can tell that this isn’t what lights you up.'” She asked Otrin to think about his childhood interests, his hobbies, what he reads, and his pastimes to steer him in the right direction in terms of creating a business he would enjoy running. It didn’t take long for him to pinpoint that he wanted to do something with aviation. “I went to airshows, read aviation magazines, was obsessed with flying–so I came back a week later and told her that I needed to do something aviation related.” Based on how quickly he wrote his second business plan, he realized that following his passions would lead to his success.

Fast forward to today and Otrin now runs a drone training firm that helps clients prepare for the FAA 107 exam, a certification that allows you to fly a remote aircraft (a.k.a a drone) for commercial purposes below 400 feet, along with other requirements. In addition, he takes on private projects related to drones, such as birds-eye-view real estate displays showcasing neighborhood environments, and will be teaching a course at UConn in the fall, OPIM 4895-001, which will give UConn students the opportunity to prepare for the FAA 107 exam for credit. “As part of the course, I want to help students develop an idea of where they want to go with drones. This will be their project,” he explained, “applying drones to their career fields.”

Outside of recreational use, drones have many practical applications that can be beneficial to various industries. They allow human beings to get to places they may not otherwise be able to go, see things from an overhead perspective, and make informed decisions. For instance:

  • Insurance companies use drones before and after natural disasters to assess damage compensation and inform customers about the status of their homes.
  • Search and rescue teams use drones to assist injured persons by pinpointing their location and through the transportation of resources.
  • Military officers use drones to gain intel on the enemy and assist commanders to assess and decide on next steps.

Alongside these real-world examples, drone technology is becoming far more advanced, meaning that drones are becoming more automated, obstacle-aware and flight time is improving. DJI Mavic 2 Pro can be flown and monitored by its remote, or transmitter, up to 4.9 miles away and stay in the air for 31 minutes. Note that these specifications are under ideal conditions and FAA regulations require drones to stay within visual line of sight of the operator unless they possess a waiver. DJI also manufactures headsets that give drone users a first-person perspective of what the drone is capturing. These headsets typically monitor head movements to adjust camera direction using the drone’s gimbal, a stand that levels the drone’s built-in camera as it flies.

After the workshop, students left with a better understanding of drones and how they can utilize drone technology in their own pursuits. “I’ve had this idea for a while now to use drones as a way to help commuters find available parking spaces,” said computer science major Andi Duro (’21) when asked about his experience at the workshop. “This workshop gave me a better understanding of the regulations and rules of commercial air flight to help me better solidify that idea.” Natalie Chmielewska (’21), a computer science and engineering double major, also gained useful insight to help her with the UConn SPARK program. “Jason put in a lot of effort to show us every aspect of drone flying and how it can be used for our own pursuits and for those younger than us,” she said. UConn SPARK gives middle school and high school students access to week-long workshops centered around engineering and STEM to encourage their involvement in those areas.

OPIM Innovate would like to thank Jason Otrin for his service, both in the military and for the OPIM Department. We look forward to seeing what you do in the fall! A huge thank you to everyone who attended, as well!





Innovate is Hiring! Student Lab Specialist Positions Available

OPIM Innovate is currently seeking to fill three new student lab specialist positions for the fall of 2019. While two of these lab specialist positions will commence in the fall, one student worker will be needed over the summer.

As a student lab specialist, student workers must test and give presentations on the emerging technologies OPIM Innovate has to offer. In addition, lab specialists must assist students with various lab projects.  As such, great communication and customer service skills are a must. Experience with virtual/augmented reality, 3D printing/modeling, IoT/data analytics, drones/wearable tech, A.I./Blockchain is also preferred, but not required.

The student lab specialist position is a Class III job and offers great internship experience for students interested in learning about up-and-coming technologies. For more information on the student lab specialist position, please click here to be directed to the job listing on UConn JobX. For any additional questions contact MIS Program Director Jonathan Moore at

Pearson is Hiring! UConn Campus Ambassador

Pearson is currently searching for a diligent and enthusiastic individual to become its UConn campus ambassador. As a Pearson campus ambassador, students partner with their local Pearson sales team to promote Pearson’s MyLab and other educational products through presentations, technology registration events, and blog and social media posts.

Pearson campus ambassadors get to test new products; gain access to travel, internship, leadership, and future employment opportunities; and are provided with Pearson course material for free! This 5-10 hour a week position is a great resume builder and helps ambassadors with their public speaking and overall communication skills.

In order to apply to this position, please click here to be redirected to the official job posting.


Needed! Website Designer/Developer

A UConn student, Erdit Abedini, needs a website developed for his nonprofit organization, the Hartford Sports Foundation. The Foundation is geared towards helping high school students develop teamwork and communication skills through inclusive and accessible sports programs. He is looking for a UConn student skilled in website design/development to build the site for him and maintain it from April 2019 to September 2019. As his deadline for the completion of this website is April 6th, ample experience in website design/development is required. He is willing to pay $250 for the website and a monthly compensation of $30 for maintenance. If the website is completed by April 1st, he is willing to pay $350.

Here is a list of what Erdit is expecting for his website:

  • a homepage with the organization’s name and logo, a background picture, and social media icons
  • an “About Us” page which describes the organization’s inception
  • an “Our Team” page with staff member biographies and photos
  • an “Our Mission” page with the mission statement of the organization
  • a registration page where an application form can be filled out and submitted online, along with an automatic payment button
  • a “Become A Member” donation page with an emphasis on professionality and accessibility
  • other pages if needed

For more information on this project, please reach out to Erdit via his email:

Legrand is Hiring! Application Development/Data Systems Internship

Legrand Wiremold is currently looking for an application development/data systems intern to help with optimizing current data collection processes, internal databases, and planning automation. While Legrand has many different projects interns can pursue, such as database creation and information logging, their ideal intern will be able to assist them with mobile application development for a production portal. As Legrand is currently rolling out iPads and computers for their manufacturing staff, they want to give employees a way to seamlessly communicate their needs and record hourly production through an application.

In order to qualify for this internship, the applicant must:

  • be in pursuit of a degree in computer science, information technology, or management information systems
  • have exposure to Javascript, HTML, and/or CSS
  • have knowledge of well-known query languages, such as SQL
  • be able to work effectively in a team environment
  • be a self-starter

Top applicants will have experience with iPad application development, data collection and report generation, and be working towards an advanced degree.

The location of the application development/data systems internship will be in Hartford, CT. There, interns will be exposed to Legrand’s North American headquarters and four different factory environments centered around cable management products. This internship will be a ten-to-twelve-week, forty-hours-a-week position with flexibility for school, other projects, and vacations. The intern will have the opportunity to continue working part-time in the fall based on their schedule.

For more information about this internship, including how to apply, please click here.



Travel Insured is Hiring! Full-Time Data Analyst Role

Travel Insured International is looking for a full-time data analyst to help them with generating business insights and strengthening client relationships by utilizing company data. Responsibilities of the role include data cleansing, data analysis, data visualization, and consistent documentation of known errors and data-driven conclusions. In addition, as data analysts will be working with project managers, the ability to effectively communicate findings through managerial reports and meetings is a must.

To qualify for this position, candidates are to have a bachelor’s degree in management information systems, data science, computer science, mathematics, economics, statistics, and/or other fields of study related to business data analytics. In addition, candidates should have SQL proficiency, experience with common analytics toolkits, the capacity for analytical reasoning, and creative problem-solving skills.

For more information about this position, please click here.

EY is Hiring! Advisory Consultant Program

Attention all management information systems seniors! EY is currently looking for a full-time employee for their Risk Advisor Program. The Risk Advisor Program is a 2-3 year development program that helps budding professionals develop necessary risk-consulting skills by providing participants with career coaching and real-world experience. In risk advising, EY strives to help its clients evaluate a number of risks, including those dealing with operations and information technology. As a result, participants in the Risk Advisor Program will be assisting businesses in establishing and maintaining a relatively risk-free environment. These businesses come from a variety of industries, such as the automotive, entertainment, and information technology industries.

As part of the Risk Advisor Program, participants are expected to develop an understanding of their clients’ risks and needs throughout the consulting process. In addition, participants are expected to better themselves by keeping up with current business and industry trends and self-evaluating their performance.

To qualify for the Risk Advisory Program, you must have:

  • a bachelor’s degree in management information systems (finance, accounting, management, and computer science degrees also work)
  • a desire to work in advisory and audit
  • the willingness to travel
  • the willingness to work over standard hours when necessary
  • skill in Microsoft Office
  • the ability to work independently
  • project management, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills
  • time management skills and the ability to meet deadlines under pressure

If interested, please email your resume to Jon Moore at

Thank you!

Travelers Is Hiring! E-Business Summer Internship

Travelers E-Business is currently looking for a summer intern who will help them with data integration. The project involves consolidating consumer data in various shared data systems and making the data available to both internal and external Travelers applications. This way, Travelers personnel will be able to utilize consumer data in a way that connects their current customers to new insurance products.

During the internship, the intern will learn about consumer data, mobile device management, cloud integration, and work with cutting edge technologies such as Node.js and Pivotal Cloud Foundry applications. All the while, they will be utilizing these gained skill-sets in the process of making consumer data useful.

Interested in this position? Please contact Jon Moore at

Pfizer is Hiring! Student Summer Worker Program

Attention all Management Information Systems majors! Pfizer is recruiting for its Summer Student Worker Program. During this summer information technology (IT) internship, Pfizer will match you with professionals and departments that best embody your IT interests. All the while, you will be completing real-world projects and gaining valuable skills desired by the IT industry.

While there is no specific job description, a candidate for Pfizer’s Summer Student Worker Program will be well-versed in the following:

  • SQL
  • C#
  • Access
  • Excel
  • Tableau
  • Spotfire

For more information on the Summer Student Worker Program, please click here.

If interested, please email Jon Moore at