A Reflection: MIS Meet and Greet

On Friday, September 13th, the OPIM Department hosted its semi-annual Management Information Systems (MIS) Meet and Greet. The event was for students studying MIS, interested in the MIS major, or participating in the Analytics minor. It was a perfect opportunity to learn more about the OPIM Department and OPIM Innovate. There was also ice cream for everyone who attended.

At the Meet and Greet, which was hosted in the Gladstein Research Lab, many emerging technologies were out for display and available to use. This prompted many business-undecided and MIS majors to explore the different tools that may be available to them in their future career paths.

Other than testing out the tech and grabbing some goodies, the MIS Meet and Greet became a place for insightful conversation between MIS majors, Innovate lab technicians, and other students. As stated by Sarah Fletcher (MIS ’22), “I had a lot of fun talking to the OPIM Innovate workers about 3D printing and hydroponics.”

This message also rang true for Vaughn Nengle (Physics ’20), who just recently became an Innovate lab technician with a focus on the 3D printing track. “I was happy to test my knowledge and show others how to work the 3D printing equipment. Even though I could only provide a quick demo, it felt great knowing that I could help cultivate another person’s interest in 3D printing.”

We thank everyone for coming to the Meet and Greet. We hope you had a great time!

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